This dance came originally from Lower Peover, in the silk weaving area of Cheshire. Lower Peover is a few miles south of Knutsford, near Haydock Park racecourse, and seat of the Mainwaring family. In 1900, the Knutsford morris dancers performed this dance in the town, and were observed, and the dance noted down. It formed the basis of all the present day 'Carnival' morris dances performed by young girls in Cheshire, Lancashire, and North Wales, where it today forms a thriving tradition (over 200 sides or teams!). The tune used is 'Not for Joe. There are two music hall tunes and songs of that name, both written in 1867. The one England's Glory use is by H J Whymark, who also wrote 'Champagne Charlie', and has very politically incorrect words, which include "I had a little nigger, and he didn't get any bigger, so I put him in the wild west show" The other is by Arthur Lloyd. (Not for Joseph, No, No, No!).

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