Dummer 5 Hand Reel

This dance was written by the ladies of Dummer Women's Institute (Dummer is just outside Basingstoke in Hampshire) about 60 years ago, and collected from them by Roy Dommett, who taught it to local side Minden-Rose. At the wedding of local girl Sarah Ferguson to Prince Andrew, they performed the dance in the village in front of some of the original WI members! (who according to their squire even recognised the dance!) Minden Rose use the tune 'Brighton camp' but we use 'Double Figure of Eight'(From the Old Swan Band) which is properly the Welsh tune 'Rhif Wyth', or more recently we have been using 'The Rose Tree'. Full name of this tune is 'A Rose Tree in Full Bloom', first found in print in 1764 as'An Irish Lilt' By 1780, the tune is widespread in America, Ireland, Scotland, and parts of UK, especially Sussex, from where versions were collected in 1920s and 30s. 'Angels from the Realms of Glory' is used at Christmas time.

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