Bumpus o' Stretton

This dance was used as a coming on dance (or 'morris on') in 1909 (or 1907 - accounts vary) at the Stretton-on-the-Fosse flower show and may well have been recently learned, or even (horror of horrors!) specially written for the occasion. It apparently was a handkerchief dance or a clapping dance or a stick dance. England's Glory usually perform it as a handkerchief dance. Recent research seems to point to this dance being from neighbouring Blackwell, or perhaps from Stretton itself. According to Bumpus family researcher, Rosie Armadale, the dance and/or tune may be the creation of, or named after, a John Bumpus (Old Bumpus of Stretton?) who was born about 1839 in Stretton on Fosse. He worked successfully as a landscape gardener firstly at Cossington Hall, Leicestershire and then in New York (at the recommendation of Isobel Barnett’s family) before returning and eventually retiring in Stretton on Fosse where he died in 1921. The tune is unique to the dance.

'While Shepherds Watched' is used as a Christmas tune.

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