Abram Circle Dance

This dance (often incorrectly referred to as 'The Abram Circle Dance') and tune comes from Abram in Lancashire, (pronounced AYBRUMM - the village was originally called 'Abraham') which is half way between Wigan and St Helens. It was part of a Festival held every few years in the village for the purpose of preserving rights to a plot of public land. The original deed of gift had stated that if the young people of the village did not celebrate the festival at least every 25 years, the land would revert to the nearby Maypole Colliery. (Dann 1983) The Maypole Colliery attained notoriety for a major pit explosion in 1908, when 76 men lost their lives. It would seem to have been originally the custom that only unmarried people performed this dance. Interestingly, there is a strong tradition of ladies dancing the morris in the area. 

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