The Lively Jig (Four Lady Jig)

This dance for four seems to have been introduced by Sam Bennett for the ladies side, as there is no record of it in the original Ilmington repertoire. It may originate from Blackwell, or Stretton-on-the Fosse. The tune that is used is called the 'Wonder Hornpipe' and was collected by Cecil Sharp from the Grenoside dancers from Sheffield and by the late Peter Kennedy from Northumberland. There is some evidence that this tune is a Newcastle clog hornpipe, and may be by James Hill. (Peter Kennedy, letter to the author) However, there is no direct evidence that he wrote it. It is found in Ireland as 'Coey's Hornpipe'. Nowadays we often use the traditional tune 'Rub-a-Dub', which reached number three in the Christmas singles charts in 1980 when recorded by British pub-rocker Jona Lewie. 



























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