16th May

Former side musician Stewart Watts wrote this handkerchief corner dance for the birthday of his wife, then side member Wendy Watts. It is danced to the tune 'Lilliburlero', usually attributed to Henry Purcell (1659 - 1695), but almost certainly Irish, which was published in the 8th edition of Playford's 'English Country Dancing Master' in 1690.The name is probably a corruption of the Gaelic phrase “An lile ba léir é; ba linn an lá,” which translates as “The (Orange) lily was (the most) evident; we carried the day,” which would fit with the political associations of the song. Some rude (and treasonable) words were written to this tune in the time of James II by Lord Wharton, and perhaps contributed to the reasons for the King's eventual removal from the throne. It was also used in The Beggars Opera of 1728. 'The Gloucestershire Wassail' is sometimes used at Christmas. 

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