England’s Glory Ladies’ Morris

Child Protection policy


England ’s Glory Ladies’ Morris (EGLM) believes that the safety of children and young people is paramount on all occasions.  EGLM will take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of all children and young people involved in the activities of EGLM.

 EGLM is committed to protecting children and young people from the following:


  • Injury
  • Abduction
  • Attack
  • Emotional distress




  • Verbal
  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Bullying



Exposure to inappropriate

  • Attitudes
  • Language
  • Materials
  • Actions



EGLM is committed to ensuring all possible situations in which children and young people are involved with them are risk assessed to ascertain the level of risk involved.  EGLM will endeavour to establish suitable control measures to reduce risks to acceptable levels.  All members of EGLM have a responsibility to be aware of this policy, any risk assessments and control measures in place in any situation in which children and young people are involved.


This child protection policy will be available for all participants and interested parties for inspection.

Protecting children from harm and abuse.

Venues will have

  • Adequate heating, lighting and ventilation
  • Access to toilets and running water
  • Clearly labelled exits and fire exits
  • A No Smoking policy during all EGLM events that involve children and young people
  • Appropriate safety glass, handrails and non-slip floors
  • Suitable levels of adult supervision at all times
  • Suitable furniture for the age of the young people present.
  • Clear arrangements around young people leaving the building


  • Age guidelines will be defined for all activities
  • Each activity will have an agreed maximum number of children
  • EGLM seeks to encourage children and young people of all levels of ability to join in their activities in a safe manner

Adult supervision

  • People working with children and young people will not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • EGLM will ensure that arrangements for dealing with minor first aid needs and more major injuries are clear to all members of EGLM.
  • No single adult will be left in charge of children.
  • No child under 8 will be left alone at any time; children under the age of 10 should not be left alone except in using the toilet.
  • A child will not be allowed to leave the event without the express permission of a parent.
  • All members of EGLM will be aware that unnecessary touching of young people is inappropriate.
  • All those working with children and young people will be briefed on the child protection policy

Behaviour management of children

  • Corporal sanctions (smacking, slapping, shaking) are not acceptable in any circumstances. Sanctions that threaten, frighten or humiliate young people are not acceptable.
  • Bullying or threatening behaviour between children will not be tolerated
  • EGLM will not accept disruptive or unruly behaviour from any child, which spoils the enjoyment of others.
  • Decisions regarding the behaviour management of children regularly involved in EGLM activities will be discussed at ‘notices’ and a consensus reached.



Protection from sexual abuse

EGLM is totally committed to protecting young people of all ages from sexual abuse by any adult.

  • No single adult will be left in charge of children.
  • If any person reports any incident of inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour towards any child EGLM is committed to taking immediate and appropriate action to ensure the safety of any children present and, if the behaviour warrants it, to report the matter to the authorities.
  • EGLM will be aware of the members who have had a CRB clearance in the preceding three years.  EGLM will endeavour to ensure that one CRB cleared member is present at all activities when children and young people are involved.

Protection from inappropriate behaviour, language and materials

  • All members of EGLM will refrain from the use of swear words, lewd actions or making inappropriate references to sexual or illegal activities.
  • All members will avoid racist and sexist attitudes and comments.
  • When children and young people are involved in any EGLM activity the use of sarcasm or overt criticism directed at children will be avoided.

Review and monitoring of this policy

An item ‘Child Protection policy’ will be added to the agenda of the EGLM AGM each year, to allow a review and discussion of the working of this policy if needed and for changes to be made to it.

Responsible Officer

An officer of EGLM will be appointed as ‘Child Protection Officer’ at the AGM each year with the responsibility of reviewing the policy and recommending changes in the light of legislation, developing good practice, and experience. (Currently Karen Burridge, Senior Practitioner)


Policy last reviewed at AGM September 2009




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